Debbie's Culinary Jour

"I was looking down from Mount Carmel's top and I knew there are only two paths that facing infront of me: fall into abyss or fly to the sky. The sunshine sparkle above me and I was looking up at them. "There is a meaning to my life" I said to myself. "God has a plan for me, and I am mean to fly

- From Debbie's book "Fall or Fly".


Debbie's project is designed to connect through food, its preparation and the culture of hospitality between ambassadors and opinion leaders around the world. Debbie believes and works to connect people from all over the world through food encounters and creates a dialogue that leads to peace and understanding. To her understanding, one can unify the whole world and make it one that all our desires and desires are similar. It is important to teach the French that there is delicious Colombian food. You can teach the Japanese that there is very special southern Argentine food, and it is best to introduce the Canadian food to the Germans.